Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be Possessed with Edible Apostrophes!

We learned about possessive nouns today.  It was a great review. We reviewed nouns and plurals, then compared possessive nouns to plural nouns. The students then wrote their own sentences containing  possessive nouns and used macaroni apostrophes. 
I gave them an extra to eat and it was pretty funny to hear the kids reactions. Some thought hard macaroni noodles were disgusting, and others enjoyed it.  Myself, I find the crunch of dry macaroni quite satisfying! The kids did a great job with it.  In the next few days we're also going to do edible commas and quotation marks.
 Last night I made an animated powerpoint to accompany a Christopher Columbus song I always teach my students.  They love it.  The song is from  I LOVE their music.  I own several of their CDs.  You can get the powerpoint here!
After lunch we finished discussing the Incas (part of the Core Knowledge Sequence), reviewed Conquistadores, and learned about Christopher Columbus and the kids made these cute puppets.

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