Monday, September 24, 2012

Oceans Galore!

We've been learning all about animals and habitats and just finished a unit on the oceans.  The kids loved it and were each assigned to do a sea animal report and model. They were so cute, clever, and creative.  I loved seeing all of the different ideas they came up with.  
 We had clay and sand...
 rocks, felt, and paint...
 salt dough...
 water colors
 more clay
 SQUASH!  How clever is that?  I loved it.
painting and lots more!  As a culminating activity we made these fun fish-bowls with paper plates, sand, and cellophane.  The kids loved it. We got in some good counting practice waiting for the plates to dry because I told them they needed to hold them together and count to 100 twice :) hehe.  



So cute.  

If you want to download the sea creature report form and other ocean writing pages for free click here.

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  1. It looks like everyone had a great fun time. Love the reports!! Thanks for the freebie too. I'm now following your store.

    The Busy Busy Hive


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