Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fact or Opinion Pack Common Core Giveaway & Thanksgiving Freebie!

Thanksgiving!  No work.  Family time.  Good food.  More holidays just around the corner.  Who could ask for anything more?  I LOVE it!  Well, I'm gonna make this a quickie, but my school has been having Common Core training for the last two days. The kids got lucky and got the whole week off.  Meanwhile, I've been thinking all about the increased emphasis on vocabulary and writing the Common Core brings and I decided to start in my classroom with this Fact or Opinion pack.  There are several fun activities including a whole class fact/opinion sort and an individual student sort, plus practice writing facts & opinions, interviewing others about facts & opinions, a game, and a quiz.  I can't wait to use it with my students.  I think it will be the perfect introduction to writing paragraphs and supporting them with facts and opinions.  I also tried to integrate Tier 2 vocabulary from science and social studies to review throughout the whole pack.  If you want to snag it click the image {or here}.  Just like last time I'll give it away free to the person of my husband's choosing who leaves a comment & their e-mail address.  So leave a comment already and tell me how you teach facts & opinions to your kiddos!  (If you want to see the cute edible fruit turkey I made for last year's big dinner click here... and if you're interested in seeing an earlier post about the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving with freebies click here.)  Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
Oh yes, last but not least, I almost forgot (and I know it's a tad late now, but stick it in your file for next year) here's the Thanksgiving Syllable freebie I made.  Hope you enjoy!  {Click the image to download}.


  1. As a review I write enough fact/opinion statements for each child. They read them and students decide if it is a fact or opinion. After everyone is finished, we crumple them up and have a snowball fight for about 30 seconds. They love it!

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