Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Well hello there internet universe. It's been a while, and let's be honest, it might be an even longer while until you hear from me again, but while I'm here I'll offer you full disclosure that my throat has a literal lump in it and my eyes might be a wee bit wet after reading my last blog post from, oh, just 2.5 years ago. Two and half years! I have not one, but two sweet babies and boy are they growing fast.

My three year old has recently and suddenly caught on to reading and is trying to sound everything out, and I'm melting into a puddle of mommy/teacher pride, but also overwhelmed with an emotional wave of teaching nostalgia and passion and love and a weight of sadness that time is such a thief and so many good times and memories are behind me. It's like, blink! My once first graders are in jr. high and my first third graders are graduating and my first baby is reading. (insert bawling emoji) Before I know it I'll be sending her out the door with a boy I'm not so sure about. (more tears of hysteria...) But enough of those unnerving thoughts...

 So... why am I here? I've neglected this little blog for a couple years now, why come back? Well... I guess, because I was touched. I'll be honest that I haven't really kept up with my Teachers Pay Teachers store either, but I happen to follow Erica Bohrer  on Instagram and noticed that there's a valentines sale going on. Back in the day I was all over that and made sure to join the fun. So I figured, my computer is out, why not?! And you know what I saw when I logged in? I saw that thousands, literally thousands and thousands of people have viewed and purchased things from my shop and my jaw kind of dropped. If you are reading this, or have even viewed or purchased something from me, thank you!

 I feel so blessed and grateful for the support of so much family, friends, and strangers. It makes me so happy that teachers and students and parents have benefitted from my teaching resources. Teaching is and always will be a passion that gets my blood running hot through my veins.

So, what have I been up to in the last 2.5 years since I last blogged? Well, if you happen to follow me on instagram (Tangled with Tinkering) you know I stay very busy. I'm a mama and wife to the people I love and cherish the most. I'm a preschool teacher to the cutest bunch of kids that I love almost equal to my own. And I bake. Lots and lots of cookies (and occasional cakes and cupcakes). But the baking is the fast part! I spend hours and hours decorating. Why??? Because I can't stop and I love it. It's like the same fire in my blood as all those late, long hours at my schools prepping for all those little people that I miss and adore so much.  So... that's my life in a nutshell. I love it and I'm so incredibly grateful for it.

And in case you missed the hint above, everything in my store is 28% off today and tomorrow only.

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