Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Lost Bells - That one time when we left everything we loved to travel the world with our 3 little kids...

Holy Cow. Where does the time go!? This poor, sad, little neglected blog. Once upon a time I put so much love into you. Sorry little buddy.

If you are reading this THANK YOU for being here!!! I have loved being able to share my love and passion for teaching and creating through this little blog.

Since the last time I posted here we:

1) Had another baby!!! We love her to absolute pieces. She is a little miracle baby and her birth is SO near and dear to my heart.

If you want to watch her 3 minute birth story you can find it here

If you're interested in reading ALL the details, including the journey to conceive her and then the difficult decision to labor unmedicated again and some of the miracles along the way find that here.

2) Started a YouTube Channel for my cookie & cake decorating business hobby - See my artistic creative outlet come to life on my Instagram @tangledwithtinkering ...

...Or on my YouTube Channel - TangledwithTinkering

3) We went mentally insane decided to abandon the sweet sweet comforts of home to travel the world. Colby is still working full-time while we travel and I care for our three little ones, all under 6 years old.

The first stop on our adventure was Costa Rica where we spent all of December 2018 living. We celebrated a sunny, sandy Christmas there that we will never forget. Our 18" tree branch was bare but our hearts were SO full as we got to know some of the people in the community there and were able to provide a modest Christmas including food, clothes and a few toys for several families. See some pictures on our Instagram here.

Our second stop has been Oahu, Hawaii where we have spent the last month and where we were able to get a tiny glimpse into the lives of some of the homeless community here and make a small donation. We have loved it and are looking forward to heading to Fiji in just a few days.

Does it sound like a dream? Well the warmer weather and proximity to the ocean has been! But my goodness it is A lot of work and a huge challenge too. Sometimes living in paradise isn't always paradise and parenthood is never easy, wherever you go!

But challenges aside, we are determined to see the beauty and magic of the world hand-in-hand with gratitude in our heart, love for each other, and a resolve to see the good around us and strive to be the good as we go.

If you want to know more about who we are come follow along with our journey -- you can read more and find everything on our website or look us up on Instagram @LostBells or on YouTube - The Lost 



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