Monday, April 30, 2012

Homophones, D*I*B*E*L*S, freebie and more, Oh my!

This last week we started working on reviewing/learning about homophones.  They're a lot of silly fun.  I can't wait to use this new unit I created!  I'll give it away FREE to any follower who follows my blog, TN & TPT store AND can guess my middle name. Good luck!  Also, my prepositions unit is still up for grabs... some lucky person just needs to guess my favorite number! Click the image above to grab it on TPT and click the image below to grab it on TN. 

Does your school use DIBELS?  Mine does, and I might just be a tad-bit more invested in my students performance/progress this time since the scores are going to be reported in my Masters Project.  Eek! So, since our DIBELS testing is this week, I created this quick practice pack for nonsense word fluency. NWF seems like it always throws a few kids off. Hopefully with some practice they won't be thrown off. Now lets keep our fingers crossed that they do their BEST reading on the fluency passages, and remember a lot about the story for the retell!  Haha.  Click the picture if you want to pick up the pack.

 Here are some photos of the craftivity we started on Friday.  I was feeling a little ambitious when I decided to have the kids paint BOTH sides of BOTH halves of their plates AND let them choose up to four different colors.  I mean, come on, what was I thinking?  26 first graders + 1 me + 8 colors of paint = ?  What do you think the answer is?
But at least they turned out pretty cute!


 And now for more freebies!  We've still been learning all about early U.S. History.  Samuel Adams, the Father of the Revolution helped organize the Boston Tea Party, then he addressed the continental congress and helped them write a Petition to the King.  So did Mrs. Bell's Class!  Then Paul Revere just rode by and warned us all that the British were coming to capture Sam...
(click HeRe to download the blank Petition template)


  1. Love your blog. I'm a new follwer of your blog, TPT store, and TN store.
    My guess for your middle name is Joy.
    My guess for your favorite number is 18.

    Hope I win.

    Stop by and visit

    Yearn to Learn Blog

    1. You got it! My middle name is Joy. Congratulations! I e-mailed you the Homophone Unit.

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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.” Dr. Seuss

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