Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mothers Day Mania!

The clocks are ticking!  Has it been CRAZY in your classroom?  We are busy, busy, busy with Mothers Day Preparations, NWEA testing, and end of the year program preparations. Teacher Appreciation week couldn't have been planned at a better time. The PTA has been so good to us. They started the week out by decorating our doors.  They look SO cute! 

 Since then I wrote this poem to accompany the gifts. Tomorrow we're going to make Today we made cards with the poem inside.  I was so pleased and impressed with how well the kids did with the cards - I honestly was skeptical going into it thinking "Rolling TONS of 1/4 inch thin strips of paper around a toothpick and first graders - am I insane?"  Of course the pictures I chose are the some of the better ones.... they didn't all turn out this cute. :)  But, anyway, feel free to pin or download and use the poem, please just cite me if you do.  (click the poem picture to download).



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