Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sentimental + end of the year student gift freebie

Last Friday was our last day of school and I was torn between elation and devastation.  I just really love what I do.  Plus, I think the fact that my husband was leaving to Japan in a few days also put a damper on things.  Who am I supposed to enjoy summer with?  :(  sniff, sniff.  But we had a fun last week at school.  I got really attached to my kiddos this year and call me crazy, I've actually kind of been wishing we had school this week. 
 I was a bit of a procrastinator on student gifts and put it off until THE. very. last. moment. I made a trip to Ross and the Dollar store (LOVE them!) and found these goodies.  I decided to do separate boy and girl gifts because I couldn't walk away from the BIG pack of colorful, sparkly, smelly lip glosses hidden behind all the water toys.  I knew my girls would love them!  Then I came up with this gift tag:  (click the image to download a FREE generic version that doesn't say Mrs. Bell)
 I got a little lazy with the assembling, I mean come on, they're kids, it's a gift, who cares what it looks like!?  If I had cared a wee bit more I would have printed them in color and actually cut them in circles or something, but see as how I was cutting them THE morning of the last day of school I think they turned out okay. 

The girl gift contains two lip-glosses, a sour fairy pixie stick, and water balloons.  The boy gift contains goggles, a squirt gun, and water balloon. And guess how much each one cost?  My husband and I calculated just for fun - Only $0.80 a piece!  Pretty good deal, eh?
Now of course I got spoiled by my darling students and their wonderful parents since it was the last day of school and these were two of my FAVORITE gifts.  This book, Mrs. Bell's Adventures, details how my student (the author) and I travel in his time machine to each of the different civilizations that we learned about this year including Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Aztecs, and the Mayans.  It is SO CUTE!  (I wish there was a bazillion times underlining button).
 Here's the last page.  Adorable!  This same student gave me the cutest magnets ever for Valentines that were our inspiration for our Mother's Day gift. (See the magnets here)
 This was one of my other most favorite gifts.  You've probably seen them on Pinterest. A few teachers at my school have them and I had eyed them enviously a few times and crossed my fingers that one day a student would give me one.  Well my wish came true! I love it!  (And... I must say mine is the cutest one of all, shhhh, don't tell)!

I can't wait to see what fun things other teacher bloggers are doing/giving/receiving!
I've been doing some blog-hopping with my free time and I found some awesome Linky Parties and decided to link up.  Come check them out and link up too! (Click the images to go to the hosting site).

Oh and stay tuned - I've been working on a new unit for My Father's Dragon, and I can't wait to post it!


  1. I love your gift idea!! It's so fun & cute!! :) Thanks for sharing!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

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