Monday, June 4, 2012

Students Appreciating Teachers

Last week my first grade team was trying to think of ideas for the last week of school when I had the idea that we should swap students and make a thank you gift for one another with each others' students. 
 It was fun for the kids to experience the other teachers and they were ecstatic about creating a secret gift for their teacher.  I came up with this little booklet and each student made a tissue paper flower then we put them together into a bouquet.
To make the flowers thread a pipe-cleaner through the bottom of several layers of tissue paper cut in various sizes of circles, we used 5, then thread a button through the pipe-cleaner.  Take the pipe-cleaner back through the button then twist the pipe-cleaner ends together to make a stem.
 Each page inside the book contains this simple poem and the students wrote 3 reasons why they love their teacher.  Their reasons, like "you plan really fun fieldtrips, you always help me, you teach us everything" were super sweet and thoughtful. Click any of the images to download the book for FREE. Enjoy!
 This is the gift my students made for me - SO cute.  They each wrote a letter to me on the back of their apple.  They were really sweet. :) 


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