Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dr. Seuss Classroom Theme Day 2 highlight - Balloon Wreath

It's another one of those nights.

A migraine night.

Good news: the medicine worked!

Bad news: In my moments of agonizing pain and desperation I gulped down a couple of caffeine-charged pills.  I forgot that second to easing the pain, my goal was to sleep.  Oops.

So I laid in bed while my brain danced silly circles like an energizer bunny ballerina until finally I concluded that I might as well put that battery-charged ballerina brain to better use... so here I am.


At 1 am.

.... continued...

Dr. Seuss Classroom Theme Day 2 highlight: 
Dr. Seuss DIY Balloon Wreath
(inspired by Catch my Party)

 1. First I got a Straw Wreath and greening pins (@ Joanns), and two packs of red, white, and blue balloons (@ Walmart).  I also happened to snag this huge roll of 25 yards of red ribbon at the thrift store for $1!
2.  I wrapped the wreath with the ribbon and stapled the end.
 3.  Then I just "went at it" and started pinning the balloons to the wreath.  After just a few balloons I realized stapling them would be a LOT easier than pinning them all.

 I stapled all the rest and just put in a few pins for extra security.  The  pins do help prevent the balloons from drooping too, but you could forego buying greening pins and just staple all of the balloons on.
 Here's what she looked like partially completed.
 4. Before I finished securing all of the balloons I attached a ribbon to hang the wreath from.

 Here's what she looks like from the back.

Ta-da! Here's the front, ALMOST all complete.  I have since added some twisty pipe-cleaners, a hanging letter B, and a Dr. Seuss emblem, but to see pictures of the finished product you'll have to check back for my final capstone Dr. Seuss classroom theme post at the end of the week.  :)

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  1. I am also doing a Dr. Seuss theme this year! Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  2. I am also doing a Dr. Seuss theme this year! Can't wait to see the finished product!!


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