Monday, August 6, 2012

Dr. Seuss Classroom Theme Day 1 and You might be a teacher if.... {linky!}

I have been hard at work moving classrooms and decorating with a Dr. Seuss theme. I have had SO many Seussy projects going on I figured I'd share them in installments.... with a culminating capstone post at the end of the week with pictures of my whole classroom.  Don't forget to check back the rest of the week to see more!  

Up first... 

DoItYourself Dr. Seuss theme lightswitch & outlet covers.  (You could do this with any theme). So easy.  So cute!
 1. First I got myself one of Dr. Seuss's ABC books from the thrift store.  It was a little difficult for me to peel the inside cover off since I'm a book lover and felt like I was defaming it.  :(  

2.  Next I cut the paper to approximate size.   
 3. Then I covered the switch plate AND paper with modge podge.  
 4.  Next I pressed the paper to the switch plate and folded over the edges.  Cut the corners at an angle to better fold them.  
5.  Cut the inside (where the actual light switches go) in an X with a razor blade then fold them inside.

6. Show them off! 
(Pictures of them installed in the classroom to come... stay tuned! :)

And a Linky party...

you might be a teacher linky
Tanya @ A+ Firsties is hosting this awesome linky party and I giggled when I read about and checked 'yes' to all of the things that definitely mean I'm a teacher.

You might be a teacher too if any of the following apply to you!

You might be a teacher if....

A) You make regular trips to the dollar store and spend exorbitant amounts of money on $1 items.  How is that even possible!?

Recently I couldn't resist snagging 27 bags of styrofoam balls, perfect for solar system planet mobiles!

B) You go to Target intending to buy 1 item and leave with at least 10.

C) Your car or trunk are overflowing with "teacher things"

D) Your Dropbox (or wherever you save things) is overflowing with teaching files.

E)  You have spent over $200 getting your classroom ready for school

F) All of the above.


  1. I agree with ALL of your "You might be a teacher if's..." especially the one about spending over $200 getting your classroom ready for school! I can totally relate to that!!Your Dr. Seuss light covers are the cutest idea ever!! I love it. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

    1. Thanks Lisa! Your comments always make me smile. :)

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  3. Love it! Thanks for the idea. Maybe instead of using a book you could use a printable printed on card stock. I'm going to try it for my sons playroom. :)


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