Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bubbly Valentines {Freebie!}

 Around Christmas time, (or it could have been after - it's all kind of a blur you know) I picked up these cute little bubbles at Michaels.  They came in an 18 pack for $2.50 and I knew they would be perfect for some little student gift or another.  
Well... I've found the perfect use for them.  Valentines!  (What 6, okay, maybe 7, year old really needs more candy after Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines all packed into 4 months?)  

So I whipped up some bubbly little cards and went about assembling my valentines.  I didn't have any cardstock on hand so I glued them to colored paper, but that is certainly not necessary.  Feel free to pin or download the template here.  (Please follow my blog if you do).  You could use them with wedding bubbles (also found at craft stores) little bubble jars (found at the dollar store) or even bubble gum! 
I've been so excited to share these, I just had to link up!  I've joined Teresa's linky party over at Fun in K/1, DoodleBugs Five for Friday, and Mrs. Lilypad's Little's Valentine Linky Party! Go check them out and link up!
On Friday my kiddos starting making an adorable valentines craft for their parents, but we had to leave it in-the-works, so stop back soon to see it.  It's so cute and so easy you don't want to miss it!
(I also recently posted free February scrambled sentences - check out this post if you want to download those.)

What do you do with your kids for Valentines?

Do you have a blog post about Valentines?  I want to see it!  Leave me a comment and a link to it!


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