Saturday, July 6, 2013

Best. PTO. Ever.

 I've just got to say it: Jefferson Academy has THE BEST PTO in the world.  I'm sure going to miss it.  I have taught at 5 different schools and no other PTO has even come close to comparing.  They go way above and beyond.  Teacher Appreciation week is always the best! Besides food and gifts galore, they always decorate our doors so fun.  Here was mine this year:

 And some other fun favorites that I had to share: (I figured some wonderful PTO moms would be looking for ideas sometime in the future...)

 My door was DEFINITELY one of my favorites, but I have to admit that I coveted Mr. Young's candy just a little bit (I like to chalk it up to my increased pregnancy appetite :) and couldn't help but notice that the packages were quickly emptied. So, a tip to any perusing PTO parents - if you know of a pregnant teacher I'm sure she would LOVE this door!
 So cute!

Aren't they clever and creative? I just love them! It's so fun to walk through the halls and see how different doors are decorated and the kids love it too.  And this was less than half of them!  (Although I did capture my personal favorites :) 
If you have decorated door pics, or other teacher appreciation ideas link them in the comments!  I would love to see!


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  2. Hello!I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and love it! The door decor your PTO showered you with is adorable! Our HSA showers us to! Who doesn't love that week of school?!

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