Friday, June 21, 2013

It was the final countdown...

I know I'm WAY behind the times... but since I've been absent from the blogging world for 5 months I have to indulge a bit.  Over spring break I got to join my parents and 5 younger siblings on a cruise to the Caribbean.  We spent the first few days in Florida before departing and enjoyed a day at Disney World's Animal Kingdom.  We also visited the LDS temple on Sunday.

 My poor husband had to stay home to finish his final semester of graduate school :( and luckily the pregnancy symptoms weren't too bad the week of the cruise.
A cute neighbor of ours asked me to 'play Rapunzel' for her 6 year old daughter's birthday and even made the costume for me so here I am in all my Tangled glory.

As the final weeks of school wound down I found myself feeling increasingly sad about the year ending.  I'm changing schools this fall and going to be teaching 3rd grade part-time.  Each passing day was a reminder that I had one less day to spend with my favorite little first-grade kiddos. I will sure miss them.  Just like last year, we celebrated the countdown with a Balloon Popping Bonanza. Each day I let one student pop a balloon, and inside there was a note containing a fun activity for us to do.  Some of them included: picnic lunch, recess with teacher, water games outside, read-a-thon, painting day, sculpting day, and bubble gum day.  The last was definitely one of the favorites.  We did this fun writing activity and craft to go along with our bubble-gum-chewing-fun.  (I originally saw the idea on the Teacher Wife's blog, but I know she borrowed it from someone else).

 And then one of the BEST (I'm serious, it was a GOOD one!) teaching surprises ever happened... but you'll have to stay-tuned for that one :)

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